1. Hemisphere Games Announcements: Karmaka Print and Play, New Art & Designs, and BostonFIG.
    Sent August 31st 2015

    *|MC:SUBJECT|* Hi! We hope you've had a great Summer. Ours has been busy, and we have some great news about Karmakato share with you... Print and Play Karmaka Now This is a BIG moment in Karmaka's development: We just relea...

  2. New Game: Karmaka
    Sent April 2nd 2015

    *|MC:SUBJECT|* Hi! It's been quite a while since we've emailed you on this "Osmos channel", but we have some exciting news to share: a new game-in-development called Karmaka. For starters, check out our new Karmaka...

  3. Introducing... Osmos multiplayer!
    Sent July 19th 2012

    Dear Motes, We’ve worked long and hard on this one, and are excited to announce a major addition to Osmos: **multiplayer!** This is a free update to the iOS versions of the game, and includes 6 distinct arenas in which players can play against each othe...

  4. Osmos 99¢, one-day, Equinox sale!
    Sent March 15th 2011

    Dear Motes, As the subject says, we're putting Osmos on sale (on all App Stores: Mac, iPad and iPhone) for 99 cents for one day: Thursday, March 17th. FYI, This is definitely the lowest we’ve ever priced Osmos on iPad (Apple's pick for GotY) or Mac! Tha...

  5. Osmos (for iPhone) Released!
    Sent August 4th 2010

    Dear Motes, Following on the heels of Osmos for iPad (the #1 hit, released four weeks ago), we're excited to announce the worldwide launch of the iPhone version of Osmos! For all the details, including price, Retina Display support, etc. please see our ...

  6. Hemisphere Games Announcements: -- Osmos for Linux is ready, iPhone/iPad versions hot on its heels...
    Sent April 28th 2010

    Dear Motes, If you had asked us two months ago - or even one month ago - if the Linux port of Osmos would come out before the sexy new iPhone or iPad versions (more info on that soon, promise!), we would have said "Not a chance." We would have...

  7. Hemisphere Games Announcements: -- Mac Osmos Release
    Sent December 11th 2009

    Dear Motes, We're excited to announce that the Mac version of Osmos is now available! For all the details, including the demo, read our blog post: http://www.hemispheregames.com/2009/12/mac-osmos-release/ (or see the press release, pasted below the sign...

  8. Hemisphere Games Announcements: -- $9 Presale and new demo available
    Sent August 14th 2009

    Hemisphere Games Announcements: -- $9 Presale and new demo available Dear Motes, We're excited to announce that Osmos will be released in 4 days -- on August 18th! We just kicked off a $9 presale, and have released the new demo. Head on over to the Osm...

  9. Osmos "Alpha" Demo
    Sent April 2nd 2009

    The first publicly available version of Osmos has been released! It's an "alpha" demo; and you can download it from http://www.hemispheregames.com/osmos Enjoy, and let us know if you have any comments. We'd love to hear from you. Cheers, the ...


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